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Miranda Rosa, or as we like to call her, “BIG MIR” is a 21 year old student athlete who has lived an athletic lifestyle her whole life, whether it’s on a soccer field holding down her back line as a center back for 17 years, or in the weight room slamming weights and breaking PR's, Miranda has been all about pushing her body to extreme limits. 


This young LGND has recovered from tearing her ACL twice as well as undergoing numerous other surgeries on her legs. It is a given that this woman’s persistence and dedication to her body is not something to be questioned. In addition, there is brains where there is bronze, Miranda will have a Masters Degree in Business Management as well as a B.A. in Accounting with a concentration in Criminology by the end of her college career. 


Miranda is clearly a woman who cannot be stopped due to her incomparable work ethic and overall grit to be the best  she can be.  Her stubbornness for greatness doesn't allow her to rest. When Miranda gets something in her head, watch out because she will not stop until what is set is accomplished. 




Kayla Alves, also known as "Killa Kayla" because of her supersets, has had a relationship with fitness for as long as she could remember. Her journey began in her high school career as a tiny but mighty defender. When she graduated, she decided to focus on lifting consistently in the gym until May of 2019, when she showcased her strength in her first ever power lifting competition. 

Squatting double her body weight served not only as a huge accomplishment but added fuel to her fire to continue her journey in competing in her second competition, but this time as a bodybuilder.


After encountering a minor setback when she injured her rotator cuff, she recovered and came back stronger than ever to focus on personal training and gaining her nickname from her clients.


When she is not coaching clients or sweating her ass off working out, you can catch her stuffing her face with all the delish food that she can grab in sight. She is also a huge Friends and The office fanatic, so be prepared for many references and countless corny jokes when you’re with her. 







Darren has been involved in athletics his whole life. Growing up, he was extremely passionate for basketball and pursued his sports career in high school.


After graduation, Darren decided to get his first membership at a local gym; where his love for fitness began! He went on to compete in NPC Men’s Physique bodybuilding shows.


Now, you can catch him as a personal trainer running on five years now in New York City and Jersey City. He loves being able to help others achieve their goals because it is exactly what motivates him everyday to push and inspire others to be inspired within themselves.




Gabi has been surrounded by the athletic lifestyle since her parents put her in soccer at the age of 5. Her passion grew throughout high school and into college ball. Off season weightlifting and in season conditioning was an everyday routine. 5am mile runs for breakfast, speed tests, weights for lunch and an ice bath for dinner as she would explain it! Training hard for what she wanted was a never ending cycle.

 This eventually lead her to achieve the opportunity to play all over Europe.

While finishing up the season in London, her family opened up their very own gym in New Jersey. Continuing her training from the off season, she veered into a pathway to teach others how to become faster, stronger, and more powerful. From the help of her mentor (stepfather) Mike Medrano, former MMA fighter & current celebrity personal trainer, brought Gabi under his wing to understand what it takes to run a gym and personally train clients.  

Gabi still to this day continues to personally train others to be the best version of themselves. Competition has always been in her blood and to be able to bring that same drive out in her clients is all she could ask for. “You have the power to choose what kind of life you want to live, I’m just here to guide you through it!”





Facing the grind head-on has been a commonality for Madison since starting her fitness journey. As a 21 year old student-athlete who has been involved in fitness and sports for 17 years, the heavy grind is only the minimum. Madison stays hungry for competition and steadily surpasses athletic challenges time and time again. 

After being named Women's Soccer ‘19/’20 MVP, Madison strives to be the most valuable player in every room. She understands the amount of drive needed to become a top-tier athlete; both mentally and physically. She exerts an unparalleled level of adherence and work ethic to become the best version of herself on and off the field. To this day, she proves to be better than she was yesterday. The scary part is, this is only the beginning. 

“I’ll show you how great I am.”




Samantha Pereira, also known as “FitBySammyP” is a 23 year old plant-based/vegan former collegiate soccer player . After retiring from 18 years of competitive soccer, winning multiple championships, and voted defensive player of the year her senior year by her coaches/team, Sammy P fell in love with a new kind of sport. She fell in love with weightlifting.

Weightlifting and nutrition made an impact on her for the best, both physically and mentally. She instantly became addicted. She always wanted to stand out from a crowd in everything she did. Lifting weights did that for her. It gave her strength and helped her build even more confidence from her everyday progress and results. Now she shares that with her followers.

Sammy P just wants to help and inspire others. She wants to spread and give others knowledge on the benefits of being plant-based/vegan. As well as, tips on self-love, positivity, motivation, and how to live an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle.  

When she is not grinding at the gym, working at the psychiatric hospital, or studying for her next degree, you can find her spending time with her fur babies, at the beach, or visiting a new coffee shop with her best friend.


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